Castle Tower School


Building the best environment for children with SEN

All children deserve the best we can give them. Getting the learning environment right for children with special educational needs can be challenging, but we’re here to support you. Watch how this SEN school uses Community Playthings furniture and play equipment to welcome their students into a safe and calming place where learning happens naturally.

Castle Tower School in Ballymena, NI, is a purpose built SEN school catering to pupils aged 3 to 19 with a full range of special needs. With their new build opening in 2017, the school decided to invest in solid wood furniture and play equipment to help them create their state-of-the-art learning environment. They’ve found that the flexibility, durability, and calming natural colours support their caring, inclusive approach to learning.

The furniture shown in this video is available in Ireland from – please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.