Let’s visit Numberland!
Made from a child’s point of view.
Long lasting materials with a high stimulative nature.
Co-ordinated learning system.
Proven to support mathematical and language skills as well as core skills.
Scientifically evaluated

If you would like to find out more about Numberland resources, why not visit Barbara Schindelhauer’s web-site, who is co-author and international teacher trainer for Let’s visit Numberland: https://www.numberland.net/

Digital & STEM

“20” Numbers Carpet

€444.30 ex.VAT
€546.49 inc.VAT

€1.171.13 ex.VAT
€1.440.49 inc.VAT

€760.80 ex.VAT
€935.78 inc.VAT


Carpet Numberland

€655.35 ex.VAT
€806.08 inc.VAT


Dice, bulk pack

€89.10 ex.VAT
€109.59 inc.VAT

Digital & STEM

Keycode Number Game

€127.80 ex.VAT
€157.19 inc.VAT

€170.03 ex.VAT
€209.14 inc.VAT


Number Animals

€174.68 ex.VAT
€214.86 inc.VAT

Digital & STEM

Number Flowers

€98.48 ex.VAT
€121.13 inc.VAT


Number Gardens

€198.15 ex.VAT
€243.72 inc.VAT


Number Houses

€573.23 ex.VAT
€705.07 inc.VAT

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