FREE DIY Washing Machine Template

We are playing our part 🙂

Did you ever wonder if something could be done with the sturdy cardboard boxes your JAGGO deliveries come in?
Rather than putting the cardboard boxes into the recycling bin, why not upcycle them? We have a great DIY project-idea for you.

Secondary use for packaging: A washing machine for doll’s clothing 🙂

You can download the FREE instructions here: click here

You will find the FREE template to print here: DIY washing machine template

Doing the washing has never been so much fun before,
thanks to our HABA DIY washing machine.

So … How Green Is It To Recycle Cardboard?
Really Green
If cardboard shows up on your doorstep, try and re-use it. Make that rocket-ship or washing machine:) with your kid, use it for storage, or use it in your garden to prevent weeds. As a last resort, flatten it and recycle it.
Don’t Be Tempted: To throw cardboard in the rubbish.

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